About Vonnie


I have had a great interest in arts and crafts now for many years, and it just seems to be growing. Having a studio and a craft room gives me the space to practice my crafts.


Most of the crafts I practice are self-taught and my rooms are devoted to books and videos on all subjects. Amongst the crafts that I love are glass painting, silk painting, Sugar Craft, Cold Porcelain, Fimo modelling, Card Making, decoupage, and jewellery making - to name but a few! - and I am always looking for new crafts and love going to exhibitions and craft fairs.


Painting is also a great love of mine and I like to explore most mediums, but particularly oils and watercolours. Oil is my favourite medium as you can move it easily around the canvas and I love the vibrancy of the colours.


At the age of 30 I was devastated by the onset of sudden acute tinnitus followed a year later by the start of a gradual loss in my hearing. But the fact that I am hard of hearing makes no difference to my total enjoyment of watching other crafters work. I am an excellent lip reader and my speech is normal. As I lost my hearing, I am unable to use the phone, but with email and text-messaging this doesn't pose no problem these days. There is also a special number you can ring me on but that is through a 3rd party called Typetalk and I can provide this number by email if you contact me via my enquiry form.


At home I am accompanied by Daisy, my Yorkshire terrier-cross, who is the smallest Hearing Dog for the Deaf (link opens in new window) in the world and who helps me in my daily routine, alerting me to sounds that I would not otherwise hear. Daisy has been on television with me on several occasions. She is so full of character and is a little star in more ways than one. I would be lost without her.


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