Lampwork Bio


I have found the journey with Lampwork totally satisfying but sometimes frustrating. I was very nervous when I first switched on my torch home here alone convinced I was going to blow myself up as I am working with propane and an Oxygen concentrator. Then for the next few hours shook and trembled my way through a bead. It would have been quite hilarious I would imagine for someone watching.


Time has gone along and I am getting more and more passionate about working with Flame and molten glass.


The glass never ceases to amaze me on how the colours turn out and the total joy of opening my kiln each morning.


My hand made beads are something that brings me great joy...totally calming and progressing pride in what I am now making. All my beads are made in my Studio and then annealed over night in my digitally controlled kiln and then the next day (as it takes all night to bring the heat of the beads down slowly) they are cleaned.


I am still finding my style.. I seem to like a little of everything...Encased florals, Goddessess (figures) and the many aspects of bead making.


I find though that my favourite thing is ‘Dots’ Plumping large or small dots of molten glass onto the on going bead and keeping the bead rotating constantly to keep it’s shape.


I can flatten the dots or keep them raised...When I go on to my torch it is a magical mystery tour.

I hope I can continue for a long time enjoying my passion. From an introductory day in September 2010 to an overwhelming love of molten glass.


You can see my work by clicking on online store.


Thank you!