About Daisy


Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Cross Daisy is the smallest dog that the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf has trained. She is also the smallest Hearing Dog in the world. She was selected from Leicestershire Animal Aid when she was four months old, and her diminutive size has not prevented her from alerting her Profoundly deaf recipient, Vonnie Truscott of Exeter, to the smoke alarm in her home recently, which led to a close encounter with the Exeter Fire Service.


As with all hearing dogs, one of the sounds to which Daisy was trained to respond is the smoke alarm, and not long after she had been with Vonnie, her training was tested for real. Vonnie was cooking bacon in her kitchen when Daisy raced in and jumped up at her. On being asked, "What is it?", she dropped to the floor. Vonnie knew this meant danger and tried to discover the cause. When a neighbour came to tell her that the smoke alarm was sounding, Vonnie realised the burning bacon had triggered it, so she switched it off and carried on cooking. What she had not realised was the alarm was connected straight to a central office at the fire station.


A few moments later Daisy came back into the kitchen to alert Vonnie again, this time leading her to the window. The sight that greeted Vonnie was amazing - two fire engines and 12 burly fire fighters were standing in her driveway!


Of her miniature hearing aid Vonnie says, "I am very, very proud that I was fortunate enough to receive such a helpful, loving, funny, faithful little friend. I count myself very lucky that I am a recipient of a hearing dog, and I count myself extremely lucky that it was Daisy."


Daisy saved the day on that occasion, and Vonnie feels secure in the knowledge that should there be a real fire in the future, she will be safe with Daisy to look after her.


'It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Daisy passed away on Friday 19th April 2013 after an illness bravely born.


I feel like half of my life has gone I miss her so very much. She was a super star in my eyes and we had this amazing bond.


Daisy I will love and miss you forever - Mum xxxx'